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Toby Lawrence

How old are you?


Where do you live?


What sort of stuff are you into?

Apart from the normal teenage boy stuff (video games, films, football) my main passion is Music Production. In my spare time I produce music under the alias R.D.T.M. All my tracks are up on my SoundCloud which you can find here. I’m also a DJ, I’ve played in a few clubs as well as weddings, parties etc etc.

I also make films in my spare time specialising in online video and commercial videography. You can see my work on the link in the side bar :)

Will you check out my blog?

If you’ve been following me for a while, sure :)

Do you follow back?

Not usually, unless you’re hot/have a good blog.

Do you have a Facebook/Instagram/etc.

Facebook is in the sidebar

Instagram: “tobylawrence”

*Insert compliment here*

You make me genuinly happy every day. Thank you.

*Insert Hate here*

If you’re going to send me hate, at least use proper grammar.

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